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Instant Video Pages:

Hey guys,
I got the chance to sit down and play with really cool new cloud based software. The cool part was that it worked and was super easy to figure out.  The tutorials were super short and to the point, but even without them, this tech illiterate Marketer (me) was able to make a brand new beautiful landing page.
The truth is that video is HOT and will continue to be for a long time into the future. If you doubt that just take a look at the T.V. People have been sucked in by that for years. Today it’s even easier than ever to create video and connect with your audience, even if you’re a faceless brand.
So, if you jump on the camera or not, using video in your marketing is pretty much a MUST!
This is something meant to scare you, but I can tell you someone who has sold over $2,000,000 on the internet… having a video will always increase you conversion by at least 10 to 20%. That is pretty much a shit ton of money.
So you need video and, you need a page builder so you can get you offer out to market in a clean professional way. Most importantly you need it to convert.


“Newbie-Friendly, Cloud-Based Software Creates Money-Making Video Pages In 60 Seconds Or Less…”
As you can see in my video, without even watching tutorial I was able to do it in 3mins.
The long and short of the review video is this. Not only is Video important, but being able to create a high converting video page in minutes is a MUST. We all know that marketing is trial and error so… the quicker and easier you can get to testing the better.
All and all that exactly what Instant Video pages offers you. Quick, clean, professional and easy to use. And Oh yeah… they make you money! So there’s that too 🙂

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Click here To Secure your Bonues and Launch Discount

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